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Living to Fight Against Global Warming

Iztok Kurnik

Stock Images & Digital Nomad

Not so long ago I would be joking about, order another round and forget about it. But after so many years without any drastic change in human behaviour it get me worried every day more and more. Terrifying acutely. I’m an optimist but the truth is that this planet will collapse. That’s a fact. And we are not doing enough to at least slow if not stop the process.

I could be fine with it, right? The planet will survive longer than me, so why worry? Is so let’s stop pretending and let’s have a party. Huge one. Let’s get naked and have an orgy.

“Let the carnival begin, every pleasure, every sin.”

Gary Clai

From any other perspective, you look at humanity and equate human beings with a virus that will destroy the only planet we have.

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“I used to dream, I used to glance beyond the stars. Now I don’t know where we are.”

Michael Jackson

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Hotel Sotelia by Digital Nomad

    Hotel Sotelia by Digital Nomad     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad There is a history between all this years of cooperation with this client. And from my first day my heart start running faster every single time when we are...

Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

    Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad Enjoying China and Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town historical and magnificent place. I feel I can do almost everything but not learn Chinese. For me, that is...

My Work on the Wall

    My Work on the Wall     Iztok Kurnik Digital Nomad & Stock Images In some rare occasions I'll get to know my customers. And then I can see where my work ends, like this time. I need to say that I'm honored and feeling happy to see my stock...

Fashion Models For Hire

    Fashion Models For Hire     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad I will provide you any kind of fashion model defending by your needs and expectations. So your images or videos will be directly how you imagine. I'm working with many...

Peaceful Croatian islands

    Peaceful Croatian islands     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad There is always a good and cheap idea for Slovenians to escape wild life seat in the car and be alone on isolated island on the Mediterranean sea in two hours drive....

Swimsuit Shooting by Digital Nomad

    Swimsuit Shooting by Digital Nomad     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad This time we ended on one of the photographer favorite locations. Triglav national park is located in Slovenia and it's full of unspoiled nature, mountains,...

inoT Official Page

    inoT Official Page     Iztok Kurnik Digital Nomad & Music Management There was some time when I was doing the last general band and music management. Then I have crosses my path with inoT and decided to go on that road again with him. It's...

Balaton by Digital Nomad

    Balaton by Digital Nomad     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad Finished our project shooting for some Stock Images collection in Budapest. On the way it was getting late so we need to stop somewhere and take a rest. It happens that...

Digitalni nomad

    Digitalni nomad /// Iztok Kurnik     Iztok Kurnik Fotograf in digitalni nomad Ponovno ste se lahko znašli na moji novi spletni strani. Vseeno je ali ste tu prvič ali ne. Ker sem predolgo razmišljal med katerima dvema stranema se naj odločim,...

Train Graveyard by Digital Nomad

    Train Graveyard by Digital Nomad     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad I heard about this place in Hungary so long ago and forget about it even if I like the idea of the place. I dunno why it just get out of my mind. Till that day....

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