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Swimsuit Collection by Digital Nomad

Iztok Kurnik

Stock Images & Digital Nomad

I enjoy taking swimsuit pictures. They are number one my list of clothes shooting popularity. Sure you know why. That’s right. Because we never take shooting on some cold places so it’s always at least decent temperature involved if not also a summer. A golden word for my ears. Summer. You can always get a massive discount if you offer me summer. 
And when you got luck to work with such a model on location like that. It must something came out.

“I like standing still, but that’s just a wishful plan ask me where I come from, I’ll say a different land.”

Alice Merton

You should know that there is not always just champaign, caviar and cigars in this business. At least not where am I standing. You try to get up at 4am and drive all the way down to catch the morning for if there will be any. Shit happens that shooting morning. We had sunglasses, full tank of gas, camera and a bag full of swimwear samples. So what else we could do at 4am. Hit the road we are ready to catch some pictures.

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It’s OK. I’ll go back to Japan. Meet my friends again and shoot them even better. And I finished fast in Vatican. It’s small and not allowed to walk around and take pictures. Even selling them is a problem. God servants wants to get royalties, though. How not to? In the name of God. By the way, did you know that there is more than 4.200+ different religions only on this planet? 

Being atheist means that you don’t need nobody to blame for your acts. Just yourself.

“Before I knew that I could get on a plane and fly away, From the road where the cars never stop going through the night.”


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Balaton by Digital Nomad

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Peaceful Croatian islands

    Peaceful Croatian islands     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad There is always a good and cheap idea for Slovenians to escape wild life seat in the car and be alone on isolated island on the Mediterranean sea in two hours drive....

Stock Images on Demand

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Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

    Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad Enjoying China and Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town historical and magnificent place. I feel I can do almost everything but not learn Chinese. For me, that is...

Digital Nomad in Dolomites

    Digital Nomad in Dolomites     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad Another get away from all the craziness. Back to the nature road trip with a motorhome caravan. What a luxury. Winter cold like expected from the winter. Winter is...

Termalia by Digital Nomad

    Termalia by Digital Nomad     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad How not to fell in love with this world in the outside world? It is simply made to be perfect place to forget about outside world. The world made for relaxation and...

Pool Party by Digital Nomad

    Pool Party by Digital Nomad     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad There was idea about birthday party. How to make the party perfect those days. It should be a massive crowd, a billion dollar gifts, everything recorded and filmed...

Digital Nomad in South Korea

    Digital Nomad in South Korea     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad It could be like cliche, but I don't mind. When I was arriving out of the airport I whisper myself "Finally. I'm back home.", never mind that I don't consider myself...

Wellness Orhidelia by Digital Nomad

    Wellness Orhidelia by Digital Nomad     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad Have nothing else to say but: This is it. The most beautiful Wellness in Europe in the last ten years. With a reason. No, reasons. This is the place I have...

Acoustic Primozic Rental Company

    Acoustic Primozic Rental Company     Iztok Kurnik Stock Images & Digital Nomad At this occasion I have made (still in progress when I'm writing this) webpage for Acoustic Primozic rental company. Company can  provide equipment from the...

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