Happy freedom 2021

A new year is behind us and finally, people stop chatting about new year’s wishes and promises. If promises don’t work, and we know that they are not at least not for long, wishes on the other hand not only don’t work but can also throw you into depression. I mean don’t get me wrong here. I’m optimistic even if it’s hard to believe on the first ball and yes I want to believe in goodwill, good gestures, and share Jing Jang Fengshui’s positive energy and shit. But I also don’t want to lie either.

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I mean yes, I can be a truth for some that I’m just not aware of my presence and my surrounding. I mean I still see the sky and space but let stay there. Like I understand people are pretty much lazy and arrogant. We are extremely good with words and shifting work from one to the other.  The truth is that in my life I have more than enough work with my close surrounding and I don’t need any angels and other invisible and most important any other unprovable voodoos and guardians. I’m just fine. And good wishes are cute but if simply blessing, when you sneeze doesn’t work let stop there and not exaggerate again too much.
But happy happy to all of you out there in 2021. I hope you will not sneeze too much because of Covid-19 and flu and other shit.
What would I really wish you from today and forever after is a little bit more freedom? To step a bit out of the box, make something that scares you, and do something unpredictable. That you will not just hope but also dare a little more. Freedom and happiness 2021.
stock image take what you need
Stock image - vespa granny


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