For people like us, there is no such a thing as Social Distancing

It is funny how it comes to this page update. We were just finishing the first beta release of, translating up to seven different languages and we decide that we need a coffee break from it. Guess what happens then, Sherlock. Right. Somebody deleted our old website with a clear vision that we will make new sooner and faster if the old one is gone. Yep, it was me.

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Digital Nomad

It is common for Digital Nomad for using all kinds of electronic devices but anyway it feels like we are spending way too much time glued to the computer and phone screens those days. Fuck it, we can’t really travel those days so we are stuck in Europe these days. And winter is coming. We don’t like winters. Check some of our photographs and you’ll see. A little skin is better than no skin at all. To escape cold and winter was the general idea to become Digital Nomad in the first place.
So even if nobody will read this we are using this page to spare some money on psychiatrists. So never mind.
What we do we do it because of pure fun.

Event Management

more than 2.000 events, the most crowded event in a stadium in Slovenia with 37.000 people, special award Victor for special achievement. Iztok is also working as Program Director in a 100-year old Culture Center “KUD CSK FP” but it is temporarily closed regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Royalty-Free Images and Video on Demand

This material is also known as Stock Photography and Stock Video or Royalty Free Images and Royalty Free Video. Royalty Free Images can be used later on for any commercial use. You can order and purchase Royalty Free Images and Videos for one-time use or even for multiple campaigns. If you want some material to use in your campaigns you came to the right place. Tell us what, who, where, and how you need it on the images or on video and we will do the rest. Inside, outdoor, make-up, styling, models, shooting – everything. More than 400 different clients can’t be so wrong, though.

Web design

We also can provide you a whole package for a website with a web design service. A new one or an update for an old one. Reliable and fast website hosting, digital web design, developing even content if you want. Easy peasy. And yes, we can cover all other Social diseases, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and zillion others too.
And how do they say? “No like, no pay.” So contact us and make us busy. We can’t wait any longer. (:


SHIT happens

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