Bee Network & Pi Network

There is no secret that is already more than 20.000 different cryptocurrencies around the world and more new ones are on the way every day. Who can tell is any of them will catch the master of the coin – Bitcoin? Probably no one. But I can inform you about two new cryptocurrencies on the way and if you join today you have a decent chance to earn some money practically for free with free mining. At least almost free. You need to download the application for your phone and running that app when your phone is running. No extra work. The first one is called Bee and the second is Pi.
Bee Network
Free download your app and join with an invitation code “kztok
Both currencies are still in mining modes so there is quite a chance to earn some real money after some time if it will go the same way like at Bitcoin mining. And like I said – it costs no extra money to try. Fingers crossed. If you will use the invitation code “kztok” I will provide free extra instructions if needed in the future.
Yes, it is so simple.
If you are hunting for more information you can find it here.
More about Beehere
More about Pi  – here


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