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travel with me also called “don’t think just travel” idea was born when people was asking me how and where to travel to achieve best travel experiences. the answer is simple. let’s travel and explore the world with motorhome.

combined with your time and places you wanna visit goes along with exclusive touch of planing and travel logistics. usually I try to escape circus areas such as crowded places “recommended” by some travel guides. opposite of that I usually rather find more abandoned magical places but still more than just worth to visit where we stand alone and explore our travel destinations on more personal level not traveling or going with the crowd. if traveling with people interested in a photography there is also important for me to focus on weather condition and side of the sky where we gonna stop for sunrise and sunset catchers. let me be clear that with catching sunrises I appreciate any help I can get because I’m personally more sunset than sunrise person.

for the europe trips I highly recommend traveling with motorhomes or caravans. let’s explore the europe on the best way possible. probably I don’t need to explain why. that kind of traveling gives you the best personal experiences, it’s totally flexible and much more safer than traveling with a motorcycles. you like the place we have get to? ok, let’s stay here for a longer time or you didn’t imagine the place like it is or you have read in a travel guide? ok, let’s move on. no stress for driving as well. you need just a normal car license or let us to drive you around. last but not least traveling with motorhomes it’s also a great way to meet new people and spend time with so that kind of traveling can be recommended for singles or couples and also a bigger groups. we all meet before we go on the road so we are aware that we are compatible to travel together and all have the similar views what to expect. just remember, everything is flexible. and I mean everything. when you decide to go don’t think just travel.

because I’m taking traveling very seriously each journey is planned on a personal level of the travelers. that’s why I don’t have any trips prepared in advanced. you need to contact me first and give me the destinations you wanna visit plus how much time do you wanna spend traveling. after that I will send you return information about the number of our team and costs for the journey. after that it’s up to you. you know – don’t think just travel. 😉

too much to spend your journey and travel with me?
no problem. I prepare the plan and you travel alone.

travel with me package includes:
– travel plan
– motor home(s) / caravan(s)
– travel logistics
– water / electricity / gas / wi-fi
– gasoline costs
– road tools costs
– driver (if needed)
– personal insurance
– vehicle insurance
– camps reservations
– tourist attractions ticket reservations (optional)
– food and drinks (optional)

don’t think just travel. 🙂

travel with me option trips in 2018 booking now

travel croatia

contact me for more information about motorhome travel in croatia.

travel italy

contact me for more information about motorhome travel in italy.

travel france

contact me for more information about motorhome travel in france.

travel slovenia

contact me for more information about motorhome travel in slovenia.

travel greece

contact me for more information about motorhome travel in greece.

travel spain

contact me for more information about motorhome travel in spain.

customize your own road trip

you have bigger ambition and want to see more countries in europe on your trip? I like that. contact me for more information about motorhome travel around the europe.

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