Ramz was here on Kickstarter

Finally we are at the point we can go live on Kickstarter with a Ramz were here Illustration book.

Ramz Was Here Book
Ramz Kickstarter book and illustrations

But who is Ramz?

My name is Maksim but I go by Azram or Ramz. I am a illustrator and a graffiti painter. I have been sketching as long as I can remember and actively  painting on walls since 2008. A couple of years ago I took part in the #inktober challenge which consists of making one ink sketch per day for the entire month of October and I sort of never stopped… since then I try to make one sketch, illustration or wall per day. It helped my style and skill growth immensely.

As you can imagine the number of works has pilled up. My wish has always been to publish my own Book. And with all your help I hope to make it happen!

The Book will be A4 format, hard cover and will have around 250pages filled with high quality prints of my works. It will be divided in to four chapters, here are some sample spreads!


Azram Website

Azram on Instagram

Book on Kickstarter

Ramz Kickstarter book and illustrations
Ramz Was Here Book


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